The Best Blog Site For Your Music

If you are a musician, whether you are a professional who is established in your field or an amateur who is just hoping to get noticed, you want to do all you can to make sure that your music gets heard by as many people as possible. Not only do you want to share your gifts and talents with the world, but it is a great way for you get exposure and perhaps get noticed by the right people to get that break that you have been hoping for. In this advanced age of technology, one of the best ways for you to reach out to the masses is to use the best blog site for your music to help you get the exposure you need. For someone who is just starting out in the music world, establishing a blog for your music can give you the perfect entryway. It gives you a place where you can express yourself freely and let people know about the type of talent you have. The key to doing all of this well lies not just in your talent but in having the best blog site behind you to show what you can do. You could certainly use one of the many free blog hosts as a way for you to get your start. The problem with finding the best blog site for your music this way is that most free sites have restrictions on what you can and cannot do on the page. There are limitations as to the types of files you can upload so you may not be able to put your music or videos right up on a free hosting site. In order to do it properly and make sure you are going to be able to do what you need, you should look for the best blog site that is a paid host. This will give you the freedom to upload the types of files that you want to have on your site and to advertise in a way that is beneficial to you. If you are hoping to get noticed in the music world then you are going to make some kind of financial investment to help yourself. Having the best blog site behind you is an ideal way to do this. The best blog site will also give you the space to get feedback from listeners and fans. It is a great way that they can connect with you to tell you what they think of your music or videos. It can also give you the space to sell your music or promote yourself as to any locations that you may be performing at in the near future. Once you start using the best blog site for your music you will find that you are getting the interest in your work that you always wanted. You may even finally be able to get the break you are looking for if you are seen or heard by the right person in the industry through these means. Check out the Best Blog Site and see how you can get maximum exposure for your blog and get your talents in front of as many people as possible.

Music Videos – How to Put Them on Your WordPress Blog

The blog has certainly come a long way. A few years ago, an active, popular blog would contain some great writing along with a few interesting pictures and graphics. Today, that just doesn’t cut it anymore! Thanks to a number of new innovations, bloggers can now post a number of interesting gadgets, ranging from widgets to audio files. One of the most exciting things you can post is music videos! Eye Candy Music videos are a great addition to any blog – after all, everyone likes to hear a great tune! In order to host a video clip, you will need to add plugins to your blog. Some plugins are designed to work with self-hosted files while others are compatible with off-site hosted ones. Some can be used with both kinds of files. The majority of these plugins are free to use – so which one is the best? That greatly depends on what kind of end result you want. The truth is that these plugins can be as complicated or as simple as you want them to be. It’s important to note that plugins are among the most dynamic tools on the internet today – this means that what was here yesterday could well be outdated in a few weeks! Always remember to test out your plugins first to make sure you find the one that suits you best. It’s also a good idea to keep back-ups of all your music video files – in case something does happen to the plugin, at least you won’t lose your video. Get Started! The process of adding music videos to your sidebar or anywhere on your blog is pretty simple, especially with regard to YouTube videos. Let’s say that you’ve watched a clip that you really like and would like to feature it on your blog. On the right-hand side of the video, you’ll notice a space that says Embed and some URL code underneath it – you will need to copy this. If you can’t find this, it means that the person who has posted the clip does not want to share this video outside of YouTube. A number of plugins, like Vipers Video Quicktags will allow you to embed videos from other sites as well like Google, Metacafe, MySpace and IFILM. While putting music videos on your blog is definitely something to try, be careful about how you do it. For instance, don’t spam your blog with too many clips – while readers certainly don’t mind clicking a clip or two, seeing nothing but an endless line of clips can put people off. Remember that these clips do take up bandwidth so people with slow connections will have a problem with slow page loading. Do not put your clips on auto-start – if people are viewing your blog at work, the last thing they want is a music video to suddenly start playing! Be sensible but have fun, as well. Choose only the best clips and always keep an eye open for better plugins for your site. Adding music videos can definitely be a plus for any active blog!

How to Make Music – Beginners Guide to Music Making, Remix and Software

VST and Steinberg comes as one, when you are in the world of music-making. This simply means Virtual Studio Technology was developed by Steinberg. It has revolutionised the possibilities of creating and recording your music on your personalised computer. Its the software solution to all that pricy and cumbersome hardware that has been utilized way back to attain basically the same results. Utilising the VST plugins is the complete answer for the small organizations or individuals to make their personalized instrument sounds. At present is the perfect time to start becoming in this music venture because the required tools such as the VST plugins are available at a moderate price. Remember as you’re publishing your music that it must not merely be fabulous to you, but to be truly successful it should be pleasing to others as well. The only individual requirements that’re necessary is time and dedication. You don’t have to be a musician to get outstanding results. VST plugins are very easy to use. This is a drop-dead easy-to-use method to start churning out music tracks so YOU can start rolling out these beats, loops and samples effortlessly even if you’re doing them for the first time. It is as easy as PUSH-BUTTON. Just run and software and load the plugins and effects and it’ll all come together and work for you. When you become involved with making music on your computer you are as a matter of fact becoming involved in the technical meaning of electronic music production. The wonderful feature about this is you are not going to need a bunch of very pricey hard-ware equipment. You are going to require to set up a few type of studio and you’ve several fundamental choices to do this. For a truly standard lay out, youre going to need a somewhat up to date comp and numerous music soft-ware. This is where your VST plugins are going to become a genuinely precious commodity. Don’t get dragged into buying a bunch of excess items when you are making your purchases. You can always add to your set-up as you become more involved in it. Your very introductory step is studying everything about your VST plugins. If you are not well versed in their capabilities then youre not going to be able to utilize them to their max potential. Once you feel comfortable with the software then begin trying out. Dont be overly hard on yourself when at first you do not get the results youre looking for. VST plugins are a marvellous aid to what you want to attain but in the long run, youre the composer. Alternatively, you can hire a professional to produce your own music. This however, is a costly option. If you have lots of money you would listen to your favourite songs and call the guys that produced it. If however you are looking for a small studio with big talent you will need to start by making sure the producer understands your music style inside and out.

Subliminal Messages in Music – Enjoy Your Favorite Music and Reap Extra Benefits

Doesn’t listening to your favorite music improve your mood and help you relax? Doesn’t it evoke positive feelings within you? Now, you can enjoy more than just that when your favorite songs start playing. With the use of subliminal messages in music, you can even attract power, profit, prestige, and success while you sit back and listen to your favorite music. Have you every listened to music whose lyrics you can’t seem to understand? Has it ever crossed your mind that there might be coded messages hidden somewhere there? A lot of songs have been rumored to have subliminal messages hidden in them. Subliminal messages are coded words that are configured to be instantly recognized and absorbed by the subconscious mind, without the conscious mind being made aware. In music, the subliminal suggestions are placed at a frequency lower than 20 cycles per second. This is way below the level audible to the conscious mind. Anything at this level, though, can be readily noticed by the subconscious, even when the sounds are concealed under the musical notes. So when does subliminal messages in songs prove effective and useful? 1. For healing. One of the most popular uses of subliminal messages in songs is to bring about healing. Most of the messages used for this purpose work to soothe the nerves during times of stress. Some of the messages, however, claim to have therapeutic effects on a person suffering from emotional or mental distress. 2. For sleeplessness. Subliminal songs can also help to solve insomnia or sleeplessness problems by leading the mind to a calmer state that easily and eventually leads to sleep. 3. For removal of bad habits. Some songs are also designed to blast silent messages to the subconscious in order to remove bad habits. They are found to be especially effective in smoking cessation. 4. For self confidence. You will also find songs containing subliminal suggestions that help improve the self confidence of the person. There are several songs that have been popularized as having subliminal messages in them. Some of them are Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven and some songs from famous artists such as The Beatles, Queen, and even Britney Spears. The messages hidden in these songs are not known to have any effects on the behavior of listeners. These messages in popular songs are different from the messages embedded in music or songs that are intentionally recorded for the purpose of subliminal persuasion through music. Where to Get Effective Subliminal Messages in Music So if you want to use subliminal music for healing, for the removal of bad habits, and so on, you can’t just go out and buy a Britney Spears record. You have to find the music that are specifically created for the purpose you have in mind. You can buy such music or even get subliminal MP3 downloads for free over the Internet. If you check online, you may also find some tutorials on how to mix subliminal messages in your favorite songs. This way, the songs, which serve as the trigger, are songs that you love, which means you will want to listen to them a lot. There are a lot of applications that allow you to record subliminal messages in songs for free.

Blog Writing – Top Five Tips For A Blog Readers Love

Whether you’re a writer or not, you can write a blog readers love. Bloggers don’t have to be “writers”, they need to be communicators, and you can communicate in many ways, including via audio (podcasting) and via video. If you’ve been hesitating to create a blog, here’s how to create a blog that your readers will love so that you get great traffic. 1. Write as you speak on your blog – in a casual style It’s important to write as you speak – in a conversational style. When you write as you speak, you’re writing is easy to understand and enjoyable to read. If you’re used to creating business documents, it may be difficult for you to develop a conversational style at first, however your ability to write as you speak will increase with practice. Of course you can always take a shortcut, and that’s by actually speaking your blog posts, using voice recognition software, or a digital recorder. 2. Use paragraphs, with a maximum of three sentences per paragraph When blogging, you’re writing to be read on the Web. It’s very difficult to read on a computer screen so you need to write differently from how you would write for a print publication Create short paragraphs, with no more than three sentences per paragraph. You can also use a bullet points, and include headings and subheadings. Readers scan online rather than reading, so your readers will appreciate your attention to their needs. 3. Keep most of your blog posts short, but also create longer “feature” posts Most blog posts are short. However you can also create longer feature posts which can be up to a couple of thousand words in length. These feature posts are usually reference material, or other material which give readers a background in the topic of your blog. Take your time writing these longer posts. When they’re complete you can link to them from the home page of your blog, so that your readers will find them. You can also turn these longer feature posts into reports, which you can give to readers in exchange for their email addresses. An email “list” is very useful – if you are writing a money making blog, you can market to these readers. 4. Have a plan for your blog, and stick to the plan It’s important that you have a plan for your blog, and that you stick to this plan. Your plan should include the topics you will cover on the blog, how you’ll market your blog, and a schedule for blog posts. If you have several authors for your blog, ensure that they post to the blog on a schedule too. This is easier when they create draft posts to be published later. Most blogs take at least six months to gain a steady group of readers. You can get readers faster by marketing your blog consistently. Once you have ten blog posts start to market your blog to both advertisers and to readers. 5. Create a “New to this blog? Start here” page, with links to introductory posts Because blogs have a chronological order newer posts will push the older posts down and finally off the front page. Therefore readers who are new to the blog are disoriented. Ensure that you create a “new to this blog?” Page on your blog and provide links to those posts which will help your readers to get to know you. Blogging is both easy and fun. Follow the five tips above to create a blog which readers will love.